Hubby felt bad again and this weekend is Sci-Fi Expo, but the daughter started playing Secret World again and taking virtual pics! So here’s the fun stuff she uncovered for us.

Secret World

Drewscylla picture058
Creepy lighthouse!

Drewscylla picture060
Drewscylla picture059
Creepy area around the lighthouse. Eek!

Drewscylla picture057

Drewscylla picture056
Nice country road for a UFO encounter…

Drewscylla picture062
Eek! That can’t be a good thing.

Drewscylla picture063

Drewscylla picture064
Definitely not looking like a good thing. 

Drewscylla picture067

Drewscylla picture066

Drewscylla picture065
But it does look cool!

Drewscylla picture068

Drewscylla picture069

Drewscylla picture071
They do seem to have creepy down on this game. πŸ™‚

Drewscylla picture072
A lone dark road. Definitely can’t be good news.

Thanks for the help Drew!