This video is from 2010 but the movie will finally get a release in 2013. (The new trailer is super short – this one is better.) I’m super pumped for this one. Loved the anime. Space Captain Harlock.
Fine! Here’s the short one too. 😛
First heard about this in Google + – Byzantium International Trailer. Looks cool!
Another one I found out about last weekend – Sushi Girl. Mark Hamil is in this one! Definitely not for kids though.
Weird that I ran across this one just after seeing a Supernatural episode about Nazi Necromancers. lol. The War of the Dead
Too mental not to share – The Booty Jam from the Key of Awesome. Lol. 


7 Ways To Make Your Brand Look Terrible On Social Media by Clair Byrd from the Business Insider. For big business, but also a lot of truth for our meager efforts as well. 🙂

8 Ways To Discover Valuable Social Media Content by Andrea Vahl at the Social Media Examiner. (Yeah, I need a clone…)


Fact Checking by Katherine Sullivan at the YA Authors You’ve Never Heard Of blog.

From Gene Lempp – Surviving Transition: Impulse Power. Great stuff to keep in mind when working out characters too!

May Monday bring you many blessings! 🙂