Trying to get back into the normal swing of things again. Between Dallas ComicCon and traveling for work, my usual posting plans were pretty much destroyed last week, DOH!

Everquest Landmark
Got to spend a little time tweaking stuff one night this week.

140522 01
You’ll have to click for the bigger pick, but I added ivy to the entry and moved one of the plants. Really makes the place pop more.

140522 02
Main stairwell also got some love. More plants and a giant clam shell. Occurred to me I can put a light as a pearl in it. Now on the to do list. 😛

140522 03
This still needs work, but at least the steps for the stairs are all in place. Still need to finish the banister.

140522 04
The roof will be a garden. Made some different kinds of flowers then got a shock when I went to plant this one, that’s the default size! Which then game me the cool idea of using them like lamp posts. Sweet!
Temp Template Create Small 128 128
You can make templates of things you crate in the game. This is my hollowed out planter. The utility for taking a picture to go with your schematic is finally working. Yay!
Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!