Morning and a Happy Father’s Day!

Work is still crazy, but doing what I can.

Final Fantasy XIV
Vesper Bay/Black Shroud/South Shroud

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Getting info!

Little Solace

20160619064831 bb0f9b86 me

These are Sylphs. Plant beings? They are super cute!

20160619064833 6d8bd7d4 me

Unique little homes of the Sylph.

20160619064836 54659fba me

Love the lamp and pole.

20160619064839 2dda7509 me

Inside one of the tree platforms

20160619064841 764801f2 me

Sylph closeup shot! Her name is Komuxio.

20160619064844 1f1e2852 me

Little Solace in daylight. You can see the tree platforms now.

20160619064847 6fdcc8f8 me

Buscarron – owner of Buscarron’s Druthers. lol

20160619064850 21a1ef67 me

The outside of  Buscarron’s Druthers. Sounds so naughty! lol

20160619064852 0415a536 me

Some neat looking ruins down there.

20160619064856 59152f09 me

Trent at rest…Shshshshsh

20160619064859 8562955e me

Town of Quarry Mill

20160619064901 1745d068 me

Look at the weird twists on this road! lol.

Have an awesome Sunday!