Final Fantasy XIV
Lancer Class

20170108071921 04c05a18 me

So much anger in this one… Poor guy.

20170108071924 cd523a84 me

My armor. Got it colored. Came out pretty good, no?

20170108071926 bd7bea7e me

From a different angle.

20170108071928 52a6645c me

And another. lol.

20170108071931 c7c77068 me

Had to get the new armor to go back and finish this. 😛

20170108071933 36548096 me

Truly tragic that it ended this way. 🙁

20170108071936 1365fe7f me

And I graduated

20170108071938 fb3c54ea me

Awesome looking castle no?

20170108071940 8c5fbdaf me

That’s some super fancy Chocobo armor, no?

20170108071943 aa6c3101 me

Deepvoid Deathmouse

Hope your Sunday is nice and toasty!