Hubby’s sick with a cold, and I am not far behind. Boo! The weather has been flip-flopping like crazy!

Taskforce 29 HQ

20170521064017 0afc526f me

A cool thing the game peeps did. If your original rescue mission failed, you would not meet this guy at the office. But if you did!  🙂 I thought it was a nice touch that the game made a distinction.

20170521064019 d97ab703 me

Super cool 3D hologram, no? 🙂

20170521064250 d630f752 me

This was funny and sad. This is Jensen’s workspace at HQ. The board pretty much says it all. Poor guy. (Not sure what’s up with the cereal boxes.) 😛

Back in the Streets

20170521064023 b9a989e7 me

Coolest store front for a wristwatch no? I guess for these guys that would be very retro! 😛

20170521064026 2eb22d42 me

Barb wire fences next to old castle defenses.

20170521064028 fb53454c me

Meet the current head of the underground newspaper. He became a little bit of an issue as it appeared he’d gotten intel about HQ’s secret base. Not a good thing.

20170521064030 96f83187 me

Down in the sewers. A super cool bit of graffiti!

20170521064033 3e117e91 meThe weird advertising is half the fun of walking around.

20170521064035 0372661c me

Is this not the cutest setup for a fast food burger joint? 🙂

20170521064037 f17c4bd7 me

One of the things Jensen does best. Crawling through vents! 😛

May the weekend find you dry and your sinuses behaving! 🙂