This month has been super crazy so far. Quarter End last month and now implementing system changes and new processes. Dealing with the fallout as we find stuff that didn’t work right. I am so tired! lol. AnimeFest is next weekend as well. Whee!

The movie this week was – The Dark Tower. While I enjoyed the film and the special effects were fab, so much was lost by them shoving everything into a two-hour movie. The flavor of Roland’s world and the intertwined and twisted mess that has worked for years to bring all this about is not there. While I like Jake, I so wanted to see Susannah Dean! lol. (Hubby has not read the series and he did enjoy the movie.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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I am so in love with how they do this city. The mix of old and new.

20170813071030 c508310e me

Isn’t that a gorgeous building?

20170813071033 a2844c34 me

Then you find this kind of cool futuristic architecture. So awesome.

20170813071036 1f5420f2 meMy little helper. Super paranoid computer geek. 😛 Once was a criminal.

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Back to the bombed out train station. Trying to get some evidence before it is destroyed in a cover up.

20170813071041 4ae8c3cb me

I loved the 3D hologram/modeling. He’s trying to reconstruct the bomb mechanism.

20170813071043 3a0cbb0d mePsychiatrist assigned to check out the people at HQ. It’s hard to tell if she’s legit or not. Or maybe a little of both.

20170813071046 6ab5bd40 meHidden dance club. All of the customers are high as kites. If they have implants, they might also soon be dead! The new drug has some serious side effects for the augmented.

20170813071048 a0930700 meMore Awesome architecture!

20170813071051 56c674d4 me

This advertisement was so unexpected and yet so awesome and scary! lol. This is an entrance to one of the train stations. I can so see a pharmaceutical company paying to do this for ad space. lol.

Hope you have a great Sunday!