Things eased up a little this week at the day job, but I felt crappy on Friday, so no movie review… Again. So here’s a quick one.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard – (Rated R – mostly for language and graphic violence – so definitely NOT for younger kids). Excellent stunt work and they even had some really fun and fresh ideas in several spots. When the two guys meet for the 1st time face to face – awesome! Then when AAA complains to the bartender at the outside bar, more super awesomeness appears! The movie was a ton of fun, and the soundtrack totally rocked! Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Hubby’s rating: Pay Full Price to See Again!)


Secret World Legends

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View at the top of the central tree. A lot of energy and light float around it.

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Too weird not to take a picture of. Man of gold? Behind him is a portal leading to another location on Earth.

20170827070625 eedd0902 me

Other locations on Earth and their portals.

20170827070627 9125f531 me

The other side of one of the portals. Hello, New England!

20170827070629 c05830e8 me

We’ve arrived at Kingsmouth Town. The glowing area is a spawn point.

20170827070632 68de03d4 me

This fellow fills you on what is going on around here. It isn’t good. Major paranormal stuff is going down!

20170827070634 b5815be4 me

The Sheriff – one of the few survivors in town after the fog rolled in. They’ve fortified the police station until more substantial help comes.

20170827070636 3fd7fac7 me

View of Kingsmouth Bay. Zombies and worse roaming everywhere.

20170827070639 6f27bfca me

The view when looking to the left of the bay.

Hope your Sunday is productive and restful!