Virtual Tourist – Batman: Arkham Asylum 3/7/21

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Back during the holidays, there was a sale. (Like, DUH, right? 😉) I was able to pick up the three Arkham games for super cheap. 🤩 I’d not played the series before, and they’d done a revamp on the first one which was from 2009.

Anyway, there were a few awesome things I had not realized about the game series:

1) Mark Hamill – Post Star Wars, Mark Hamill played The Trickster in The Flash in 1991. (Looks like he’s done the same role again in the WB’s Flash, too!) He was great as the Trickster! Someone must have noticed because when he started doing a lot of voice acting and he got the role of the Joker in 1992 for Batman: The Animated Series. He was cast to do these games as well. Sweet!

2) Kevin Conroy – Though he’s done live-action acting, I first became aware of Mr. Conroy for his work on Batman: The Animated Series. So I was super pumped to see he was doing Batman’s voice in these games as well. Yay! 🥰

3) There’s a lot of stuff out there that ignores all the comic book history on a lot of characters. But the designers of Batman: Arkham Asylum did their homework. As you play the game, you even get character bios showing their first appearance in the DC Comics and other info as well. Kudos to them for that!

Anyway, time for pics!

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Game start screen. Brooding and dark! 

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You have got to love that sign! Lol. “Hitchhikers may be escaping patients.” 🤣


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Definitely not a place one wants to visit. It pretty much screams “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” 🙀


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The story begins with Batman returning the Joker (again!) to Arkham Asylum. Killer Croc is being transferred to his underground level.


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A close-up of Killer Croc – he was human once. Nasty dude.


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A broad view of Arkham – the asylum was built on an island. At one point, it had been a private estate. One of the cool things added to this game is the history of the place. How it became an asylum and the insanity of its creator over time. 🤯


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The place is falling apart. Plenty of evidence of past abuses. Brrr. Bats is currently tracking lingering scents of tobacco trying to find Jim Gordon who has been kidnapped. (Joker got caught only because he wanted to get Batman here. A coup is in progress. 😋)


20210305074720 6782ab14 me

As the game progresses, you unlock 3D art models of people and things.


20210305074724 256e9170 me

Scarecrow is on the loose in Arkham as well as a number of other bad guys and their goons. This is one of the surreal domains in Batman’s mind due to Scarecrow’s fear gas/injections.


20210305074727 422b9339 me

Joker has more in mind than just taking over Arkham. Bane, a man with incredible power because of a drug called Venom, is being drained of it in order to create a “cure” for others. But that’s not what is really being done with it. Bwahahaha. 😈


If you want to see the other pics I uploaded this time around for Batman: Arkham Asylum, you can find them here. 😄

Have a great week!