Virtual Tourist 11/05/21

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News/Musings StoryOrigin Swaps 1& 2
Virtual Tourist – Control Books for Reviews
Strong Women – Strange Worlds


It’s been 🧊 chilly the last few days. Brrrr. I hope you are keeping warm! 🔥

I hope you had a fun Halloween! If you celebrate it, a warm family celebration of Day of the Dead as well.


I did do a newsletter on 10/22/21 but due to the mad chaos of October, I never did get a chance to post it as a post on the website. If you want to see what you missed, you can find a copy of that newsletter here

In general, the rest of October kind of stunk. Hubby’s kidney stone is still navigating his insides, so he’s had a lot of trouble. The Evil back muscle came back for an encore as well. So couch potatoness has continued to be enforced! Boo!

I did have a couple of good productive days, but overall, little to nothing has been accomplished. 😭

I am really hoping November turns it all around! I got stuff to do! 😁

Extra stuff I’ve shoved in here:
1) Two book info swaps from StoryOrigin. (Including the Woman of the Stone.)

2) One opportunity for you to get books 📚 for reviews.

3) Info on the Strong Women – Strange Worlds Year End Party!

Scroll on down to get all the deets. 😉


Story Origin Swap 1

Story Origin Swap 1

The Melody of the Three by S.D. Reeves

Sorcerer Christaan De Rein’s return to Liverpool does not go well, starting with the fact that his trusted apprentice, Higgins, dies on the way. Then again, Higgins dies a lot. Of course, Rein doesn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms after being banished for nine years, but a cryptic summons from The Musician herself cannot go unanswered.

But when Rein arrives all is in chaos. People with fairy blood are turning up dead. The Forum Magicae is undone and the Curators sieged.

And in another world altogether, where Earth is just a legend, a girl named Niena and a cursed lyre hold the key to saving both realms. Or destroying them.

Story Origin Swap 2

Story Origin Swap 2

​Prophecy – The Owens Chronicles Book 1 by Amanda Lynn Petrin

I was falling, the air like ice against my face, but a calm rushed over me, like I was finally at peace. He wasn’t going to get me. We were safe…

When eighteen-year-old honor student Lucy Owens discovers her family secret, she must leave the world she knows behind or suffer a fate worse than death.

Dubbed “that weird Owens girl” since grade school, Lucy struggled to find her place in the small, New England town she grew up in. She lived a quiet, sheltered life with her guardians, surrounded by the memories of her ancestors. Lucy bears a striking resemblance to some of these Owens women, down to the crescent moon shaped birthmark on the back of their necks.

Among her only visitors are two young men, Embry and Gabriel, who claim to be friends of the family. When prom night takes a sour turn, Lucy is forced to take shelter with them from a mysterious man hell-bent on acquiring her.

She also discovers that Embry and Gabriel are Gifteds, a subset of humans with supernatural abilities who don’t die until their job is done. In this case, they claim their job is to protect Lucy’s line. But as she gets to know them and her family’s history better, she has to wonder if their ultimate goal is to keep her safe, or to stop the man who’s after her?

Prophecyis a coming of age supernatural novel by Amanda Lynn Petrin. If you like strong heroines who keep fighting no matter how many times they are knocked down, then you’ll love this paranormal adventure.


Still having mind-bending fun with this one.

All currently uploaded pics can be found here.

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This is a pic of the entity currently connected to Jesse. You will see it in the game almost like a marker of where it wants her to go. (As in letting you know the direction for the current mission.)

20211104065116 a2406469 me

An open area that leads to several divisions. Office workers are floating in the distance.


20211104065118 d9fcd121 me

Close up of Jesse Faden. Really nice work on the facial features and details.

20211104065122 b1a44193 me

3D Mockup of the Astral Plane area controlled by the Board.

20211104065124 50ee7ec2 me

Tainted zone – reality has shifted ahead.



20211104065130 8ecec892 me

The Black Quarry – it’s on another plane of existence. The stone has multiple qualities. I rotate often employees as it will slowly affect those working there. Eek!


20211104065133 da2cad96 me

In the motel. The room is showing a future picture of where Jesse will be once she clicks the light for the third time and it includes her in it. Time and reality are so fluid in this place!


20211104065134 2fca6483 me

If you had any doubt you weren’t in Kansas anymore, just look up. 😁




Books With Dragons - Book for Reviews Exchange

Books With Dragons! Books for Reviews Exchange. 🐉 You can see all the participants here.


Strong Women – Strange Worlds

​SWSW will be having a Year-End Event 🥳 on 12/12/21 from 12 to 6 PM EST. Get more info here. There will also be fun stuff on the days leading up to it! Should be fun! 🎉 Reserve your spot today! 

Strong Women Strange Worlds YE Party

I hope you have a fabulous week! ​😍