Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 10/9/16


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Mission 1

The detail with the new graphics card is awesome! Shot from the hotel and the impending sand storm coming our way. Eek!

Cool wall graphic inside the hotel. I so love the little details!

Hallway in the suites floor. This place would have been gorgeous!

View from one of the suite’s windows. That storm is almost here!

About to start the final phase of the mission. Look at those colors!

Bad guys are coming in with their shipment of weapons.

Love my scope. Heh heh.

Never even saw this bit the first time around I had so many problems with the video. After shutting down the helicopter this happened! (That is one mean and powerful sandstorm!)

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Dues Ex: Mankind Divided 9/25/16

Morning all!

The Chaos continues. Every time I think it is about to let up – BAM! More chaos!

Anyway, upgraded my video card as I was having issues with the videos in the game. Started over to see those bits and also discovered that the images themselves became even more awesome. So retook a few. 😛

Airliner crash in the news. Caused by an aug with PTSD – or so they believe.

Our virtual news reporter is back!

That hairdo is killing me! 😛

The abandoned hotel in Dubai. Really would have been impressive if they’d finished it.

Mac – he doesn’t like me much. Feeling is mutual. Though I do like to poke at him.

The Boss – Miller

Our approach in.

I took this same exact image the first time! Freaked me out when I saw that this morning. lol.

So much more detail! Ooooh!

That sandstorm really looks scary, doesn’t it? 😛

Got day 3 of Fencon this morning. So gotta run!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex Mankind Divided 9/4/16


Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Mission One

The approaching sandstorm is getting closer!

Look at the size of that thing!

Oh my!

Things are about to go from bad to worse. (I so should have taken more pics before this point. I got too involved in playing. lol)

Our inside man, Singh.

This is what death looks like. Sigh. My video card was struggling in this insane melee.

But I did disable the chopper! Booyah! Hubby had found somewhere that there was no way to meet either objective. That was WRONG! Bwahahahahaha! (Man, I really will have to upgrade…Wah!)

One of the mysterious figures pushing matters around for their selfish agendas.

Another of those involved in the shadows.

Holographic meetings for the win! 😛

Not all the players feel things will go smoothly in the US.

Letting the young whipper snapper move his plan forward.

The game is about to truly begin.

A week after the mission, Jensen is meeting an old friend in Prague.

Lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

Have a good one!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex Mankind Divided 8/28/16


Started a new game this week. Hubby had bought it back in Jan and it finally came out! Woot! The Deus Ex series is one of my favorites. 🙂

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Main screen for the game. Have not had a chance to look a the other bits. Too pumped to play. 😛

Miller, Jensen’s commander. Jensen is currently part of TF 29 – a United Nations task force now given jurisdiction all over the world.

Jensen’s new look. Grittier, more edges. And a black dye job. 😛

The team. Jensen is the only augmented one among them.

Mission One

First game mission is in Dubai

Destination is that half built hotel in the water. Far off is a large approaching sandstorm. Eek!

Jensen close up. He’s about to jump from the plane.

The half built hotel from above.

On his way! No parachute! He has a new toy he can use to land with. So cool!

First look at the actual site. Tons of dead augmented workers from when they were made to go bezerk during the big plot of the last game two years before.

Actual view once you’re in control. Gorgeous view!

Inside the hotel.

Looking forward to all the chaos! Though may have to upgrade the PC.