Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 6/12/16


Nope, not dead yet. Sorry to have disappeared. Between the chaos at the day job and conventions, my whole schedule has been borked. 😛

Grim Fandango
Rubacava – Year 1

Manny’s small casino roulette area. I love the mural backsplash. 🙂

The morgue. Those are two dead by way of killer flower growth.

Outside the morgue and police offices. Cool state on the top of the building, no?

Way to the VIP Large Casino at the racetrack. Love the wall coverings!

Has a super cool elevator front too! No?

Inside the VIP Casino. That is one huge catb statue!

About to put the squeeze to the lawyer. 😛

My buddy really has a bad gambling problem. And I didn’t help any. DOH.

Kitchen in the VIP Casino. Isn’t that tile work awesome?

They have a lot of wine! Dang. Though since it is in metal casks, undead wine must be a little different. Huh.

Hallway to the secret vault only accessible through the wine cellar elevator.

A better view of the hallway. Love the engravings. 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 5/8/16

Morning! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Grim Fandango
Year 1

Famous racing cat! Big sucker, no?

Lowest level of the coliseum tower.

Long view of the dock and blimp. Cool stone engravings.

End of the dock. Staring out to see. Oh, Meche!

Tattoo parlor down the way. Weird setup, no? 😛

Finally get to pump security for info. 🙂

The Blue Casket joint. Isn’t the poster just too cool?

Interior of the Blue Casket. Very bohemian. 😛 Also full of revolutionaries.

The owner reciting poetry.

Back at Manny’s bar pumping an old client for info. Note the awesome mural. Why did I not take a better picture of that? Huh huh huh?

Not sure what happened here. Though it appears I am taking the elevator.

A more lively area of the docks. Worker bees trying to keep warm.

I got them riled up with revolutionary rhetoric but unfortunately the cops clamped down on the main bee. Boo!

Lovely lighthouse at the end of the bay.

Have a great day!

Virtual Tourist – Grimm Fandango 4/24/16


Grimm Fandango
Rubacava – Year 1

Cruise Ship carrying off Mecha! Nooo!

Asking the Captain for help!

Lots of the city to see!

Blue Casket Hotel – isn’t she pretty?

Elevator from the Hotel. Going up the stairs there take you back to Calavera’s. 🙂

Police HQ and Morgue. Love the building! Looks like a ship, no?

The Morgue – the plant riddled corpses are increasing. Not good.

Blimp currently docked at Rubacava.

Tower with security checkpoint for the blimp.

Blimp security station. Got to do some fast talking and funky puzzle solving. 😛

Entrance to the Cat Races Coliseum. (Down the tower instead of up.) Neat looking place. 🙂

View down into the Coliseum.

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 4/10/16

Morning! Running super, duper late.
Between work and trying not to catch a cold, life has been nothing but CHAOS! Whee! (Did see “Eye in the Sky” – good movie! Just didn’t get to do a review. Felt horrible Friday – suckers take 2 hours and life is FULL) 🙁

Grim Fandango

This handsome dude lives in Rubacava. Got to meet him after I fell off the cliff into the brink. 😛

Thanks to his intell, I was able to give my old client news on his wife. It also landed me his old job so I can wait for Meche.

Year 1

Manny has been waiting for Meche. It has now been a year. Many things have changed.

He looks very Casa Blanca no? Heh heh. Manny now owns his own place – looks just like Humphrey Bogart. 😛

View from his porch of the Rubacava and the bay.

Inside his swank apartment/office

This table here holds a secret! Flips to show a machine that let’s him control the roulette table.

Floor below Manny’s apartment and also entryway to the club. He has a coat checker and everything! 😛

Bar and Lounge area of the club. Glottis plays some mean keys!

The Casino area of the club.

View of Manny’s club entrance. Swank!

Could that be…Meche? At last!

A little birdie bringing Manny info from his rebel friends!

The plot thickens!!!


Have a restful day!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 3/27/16

Rushing through this morning! Wheee!

Petrified Forest

Trying to use the street sign to discover a secret tunnel out of here.

Found it! Whoohoo!

And the key to the locked gate! Booyah!

Driving over the bone bridge out of the Petrified Forest


Where will the road lead?

First sign of civilization!


Exploring the edge of Rubacava

It’s a dinner!

An ex-client!

A misstep! Eek!

Meeting someone new the hard way. Good thing Manny is already dead. 😛

Have a great one!