Virtual Tourist – FF XIV 4/3/16


Final Fantasy XIV
Eastern Thanalan
Camp Drybone Area

That death smile is rather eerie. The protector now grows some very rare plants on himself.

A lovely little pond in the arid area around Camp Drybone

Ruins close to Camp Drybone

Canyons with a sunrise and a city far off in the distance. 🙂

Canyon looks rough! Look at all that fog.

Lovely store interior. Look at the lovely carpet! And they have more in the back. 😛

Crystal formations around the Camp Drybone area. They glow at night!

An Amal’jaa Warrior – looks tough!

Inside Camp Drybone – the place was built in a depression. Handy to safeguard everyone from any harsh storms.

Upper area of Camp Drybone

Western Thanalan
Vesper Bay

A friendly face?

View from the side of the central square area.

What a lovely sunset!

Have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 2/28/16


Final Fantasy XIV

Halloween Quest

Another child about to be saved! He has no idea of the trick played on him. 😛 Probably for the best!

While we don’t have the permanent skill for mounts at this point, we did get to ride brooms for the quest! yay!

Close up of my witch costume. And you get to keep it! 🙂

Western Thanalan

Ruins in Western Thanalan on the way to Vesper Bay.

Closeup of one of the broken statues at the oasis.

Vesper Bay and The Waking Sands

Our first look at Vesper Bay. Neat little place! (Now if I could have remembered to remove the UI. DOH!)

Tataru – the cute little secretary at The Waking Sands.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn – my first time seeing them together. The Waking Sands is their HQ.

Minfilia – leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

A close up of Minfilia. She’s cute! 🙂


Wall of thorns I encountered on the way to complete my Lancer Class quest. Intimidating, no?

Aha! Once again the rogue lancer has come to meddle in my class quest. He does not get the hint! 😛

Creatures that will be part of my class quest.

Stay healthy and have a great Sunday!