Mind Sieve 5/29/17

Mind Sieve 5/15/17

Morning all! Going to try to do a full post. Wish me luck! FanFun Symphony of Science – Onward to the Edge! Hubby shared this with me. Once the song starts, it’s just too cute! Something else he sent me. These solar panel roof tiles from Tesla look...
Mind Sieve 5/29/17

Mind Sieve 1/23/17

Happy Monday! Fan Fun The LEGO Batman Movie Trailer #5 – uh oh, a ton of villains! Logan Trailer #2 – looking forward to it! Wonder Woman Trailer #2 – Can’t wait! Social Media/Author Platform Facebook Community Development: How to Cultivate...
Mind Sieve 5/29/17

Mind Sieve

Happy Monday! Fan Fun Cars 3 Teaser #2 – so sleek! Star Wars Rebels Mid Season 3 Trailer – Obi-Wan you and old! And other characters from Rogue One will be coming! Sweet! Clara Official Trailer #1 – Looks weird but cute! My favorite combo. 🙂  ...

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