Evil! eVil! evIl! eviL!
Dum dum DUM!!!

(Okay, yeah, I know it’s a little early for so much melodrama, but I figured what the hey!) πŸ˜›

Was an outright ugly weird day yesterday. I’d caught hubby’s virus on Friday and have been running mad fever since then. Kinda scary when the Tylenol doesn’t even make it hesitate. Reason I went home from work!

So Saturday I still have my fever hanging around. But have a huge To Do List as I normally do on Saturdays – crit for writers’ group, edit for hubby’s boss’ latest chapter on his mystery novel (doing the guy a favor), burn promo CD’s for FenCon next week, check out widgets for possibly adding to the website, check the new Html/Xhtml/CSS book we bought to learn new trick, do marketing, and catch up one email. Oh and still need to make another book trailer video. Argh! Full plate as you can see.

Hacking away at what I could only to figure out I can’t stand being in the office room/library as the pressure from all the rain and whatever bug I have keep giving me a pounding headache. All’s good in the living room though. So I sit and catch up one some Hojo Tsukasa and some other items I’ve let fall behind on the reading front and even take a crack at the html book to check it out.

Keep taking meds as as soon as the stuff runs out I feel it all come back. Sucker wants to stay! Dang.

Try to work on the computer again as my hands are itching to try some of the exercises in the book. Still get a pounding headache just sitting there for 5 minutes. Grrrr.

Finally get the brilliant idea of moving the files I need to crit/edit to the laptop! Heck will move the exercise pages there too! If I can hold out maybe I can play with that as well.

Finally, some productivity! Booyah! Ah, but if I’d only know. The EVIL was about to pounce…

Couple of hours and finished the crit. One down! Went on to the edit for 2.5 hours. Smelled a weird burning smell, so moved the laptop bag out from underneath it, just in case, but figure it is most probably cat hair that’s swung up into the lamp. (Don’t ask – cat hair seems to get into EVERYTHING when it’s in the mood! :P) Been saving as I went along as I usually do. Sigh with satisfaction as I finished and hit the button…

Weird messages pop up on the screen. Can’t communicate with network drive. Like, what network drive? This sucker isn’t in a network! Cannot write to file w5689 or some such. Wait a minute! That’s not the name of my file!

Word goes belly up. My worry quotient skyrockets! Reopen Word. Click for the file to open. Can’t find the file. What????

Time to open Explorer. Do multiple searches, the last for any files changed on 9/12. Nothing with the name on either drive. There is one recovered.txt file. Open it, loads and loads of ??? on the pages. Occasional words, enough to let me know this is Jerry’s file. OH MY LORD! 99.8% Garbage.

No temp files nowhere. Getting desperate. Call for hubby, who’s home, hoping for some miracle insight.

Walk through everything I’ve already tried. Make sure I didn’t save it to the removable drive. No, nothing. It’s gone. 2.5 hours of work down the toilet.

But, weirdly enough, I actually handle it well! Much to my shock, to be honest. Was sure I was going to start bawling or pitch the laptop or something. Had to be the fever. Who knew those things could keep you calm! lol.

Beaten and defeated, but keeping it together…sent Jerry a Good News/Bad News email and then crashed.

Oh the humanity! Not looking forward to having to recreate all those edits again. But did give me something for this post! Bwahahahahaha. Still need to get the promo stuff done. We’ll see.

So that was my Saturday of EVIL. πŸ˜›