Getting to be that time of year where the sunrises and sunsets align with my commute. Yay!

IMG 0536
IMG 0537

Loved the delienation between the cloud banks and the actual sunrise. (4th floor view)

IMG 0538
IMG 0539
IMG 0541

Yummy cupcake we had Saturday after watching Poltergeist on the big screen for a friend’s b-day! (Cupcake has a caramel 6 sided die and R2P for Roll 2 Play, Tiffany’s game store.)

IMG 0542

Gorgeous Sunset working up on Saturday!

IMG 0543

Monday 10/24 was the day of SUPER FOG!  Though in Texas, it felt like we were in London that morning. Loads of fog everywhere!

IMG 0544

And for something that fits the Halloween Holiday!  Zombie Pumpkins!

Have a great rest of the week!