Roll ’em!

From Adam Baldwin this gorgeous patriotic pic!


Prepare to spend hours at Desktopography. Desktop art. Just WOW!

An album of pics for Garvan Garden Christmas lights taken by Steven Lopata. Nice!

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From 19Sixty3 a Landscape pic named Brighter Days in Zell Am See.

Brighter Days in Zell am See

From Photo of the Week – I Believe I Can Fly! (He just needs a cape!)

guiseppe 30nov11

Went to a Cinemark theater a few weeks ago and got a shock! They had actual for real Slurpee Machines there! Oh the temptation! But I held back. Getting one would have meant missing part of the movie. 😛

IMG 0592

And the other morning, we had us some FOG! Felt like London or something. 😛

IMG 0590

IMG 0591
Talk about pea soup! Heh heh.