Greetings! Let’s see what I have for you this week!


This side of the Pond has decided to do like the BBC and make a modern Sherlock Holmes rendition. CBS is backing it and has called it Elementary. I’m a Sherlock sucker so I will definitely check it out. Besides with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, it should be a blast~! 

From Dreamworks – Rise of the Guardians. Looks funky!
A Fantastic Fear of Everything with Simon Pegg. Looks trippy!
For all those who’ve only recently discovered Josh Hutchenson, he’s got a new movie coming. This must be the week for trippy trailers – Detention
A cute/sad stop motion music video – Delta Heavy – Get By. 
lycian temple tombs kaunos turkey 1
Designing From Bones – Stories Hewn From Rock: Tombs and Temples from Gene Lempp. 


Everything You Wanted To Know About Twitter Chats from Mark W Schaefer.

From Kaye Publicity – Can’t Afford To Be Aloof. Why we must do social media and more.

3 Tips – Double Posting On Social Networks Is Missing Opportunity from Bindle Post. I thought this article was about one thing when I click and it ended up being something else entirely, but still pegged me! Doh!


From Rachelle Gardner – What If My Agent Doesn’t Like My Next Book?

Villains vs Antagonists from DIYMFA. Some nice definitions!

Does Every Scene Need a Goal? From Jami Gold.

Have an awesome week! And see you next time!