ArmadilloCon was this past weekend! Woot! (So this is being prepped early. Heh heh.)


Superman Official Trailer – love the repeated sonic booms!
From Nerdist News – Man of Steel poster
Batman vs Captain America In Real Life – Ultimate Fan Fights #1 from GakAttack. What’s really fun is that at the end of the video, you pick who wins, which takes you to another short video with the victory for the side you like. Sweet!
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 Piano) from the Piano Guys. This is quite imaginative! 
The Runway Trailer – though already released last year in Ireland, looks like it might be coming our way? Looks rather fun!

From What If? Yoda – How Much Power Can Yoda Output? Science geekery at its finest! How fun!

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Engineering Technology Revealing Secrets Of Roman Coins from Science Daily. Sounds like this technique could be super useful.
Halo 4: Forward Onto Dawn Trailer. Not bad! Not bad at all. 🙂

Pixar Insider Reveals The 22 Rules of Story Telling from Best Seller Labs. Good ones!

From Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – Ask A Wendigo: “Just What The F*** Do You Do, Anyway?” where Chuck speaks about his writing process.

Huh. This almost seemed like the Science Mind Sieve~! Heh.