What should we look at today?

Hmmm, these first few were still on the phone, but not sure I haven’t actually shared them before? The way the weather has been lately, though, they fit right in right now. Heh

IMG 1043%5B1%5D
I love it when clouds seem to develop an almost solid texture.

IMG 1044%5B1%5D
There really could be another world up there.

IMG 1045%5B1%5D
Somethings just scream for panorama. Heh heh

IMG 1046%5B1%5D
IMG 1074%5B1%5D
And with the cold and damp days, one bright light of awesome – Vietnamese Soup Noodle (light and dark chicken) with a slight Thai twist – YUM! Chopsticks Asian Cuisine.

IMG 1075%5B1%5D
Spring is definitely here. All the blooming trees are! Then you’ll blink and they’ll be gone. heh heh.

IMG 1076%5B1%5D

Top of Europe by Tobias Richter at Earthshots.org
MG 4539 s800 2
Mr Richter has even more amazing stuff at his website! This one is The Old Man of Storr
Ice and Storm by JeromeBPhoto at Earthshots.org Love the off contrasts. Lots of cool stuff at his website as well. 
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