Morning, all!

This past weekend was AllCon. Some cool costumes and other stuff going about, though for some reason we didn’t see as much of it walk by as one would expect. Huh

Goth Batman and Robin!

Goth group of doom! Bats, Robin, Harley, Bane, Ivy. They looked great!

Grover and his girlfriend and their trashcans. He would pop out here and there. so Cute!

What a fearsome and disturbing sight! Can you imagine Ming The Merciless with the power of a Star Gate? Heh heh

They looked awesome! Flash…Ahahhhhhh!
Ninja Turtles! And Robin 2.5. 😛

IMG 1703
Look at those wings! They were huge! Her father said they were bigger but they’d cut them back a bit. Her armor looked awesome too. Never did see her Robocop costume. Boo!

IMG 1706
Roses roses roses! Looked awesome.

IMG 1707
The obligatory table pic.

IMG 1708
I tried a couple of different set ups. Table was a little smaller than usual.

IMG 1709
Marvel Earrings TM! The Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America earrings! Heh heh

IMG 1710
His armor was fantastic! The detail was amazing.

IMG 1712
Gentleman from the Walking Dead, a zombie, and a zombie hunter. heh

IMG 1714
Her makeup was done by one of the guests. Gave her a double mouth, so cool.

IMG 1719
New project Drew finished while we were there. Doesn’t it look fabulous?

IMG 1720
Her friend Casey, encased. Heh heh.
Have an awesome Wednesday!