Fan Fun

FenCon Squares 2014 – my first time on this. I’m the short head on the top row. lol. It’s a couple of games, so it’s long! 50 minutes. You’ve been warned. 😛 
Morganville Vampires preview – release date is 10/27 online at Geek & Sundry. Sweet!
SyFy Channel Ascension Trailer – they had a way longer one at the theater, but this was the only one I found. It’s a mini series, so should be fun!

Social Media/Author Platform

Facebook Rooms: This Week in Social Media by Social Media Examiner’s Cindy King. FB is looking more like Google +. Though the improvement on pages is a good one.

Writing Advice

Backstory: The More You Know, The Less I Have To – guest post by Piper Bayard at Kriten Lamb’s Blog. Good info in there.

Ask Jami: How Many Characters Are “Too Many”? by Jami Gold. It’s fascinating how some do go overboard on this. Heh heh

Bwahaha! Blog post is complete! Will wonders never cease? Bwahahaha!