Morning all!
Haven’t tortured you with my own stuff in a few weeks. Heh heh

IMG 2652
In Richardson, one of the apartment complexes had added pepper plants to brighten up the little park area. A bunch of these together proved incredibly colorful! 

IMG 2653
Just look at those vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows! What a neat idea!

IMG 2654
These are always so neat looking. And green! Unlike my yard…

IMG 2655
The latest from my daughter aka ChibiChains – a chain sphere. A week later, she’d finished one 4 times the size. Oooh!

IMG 2658
Sunset drive by! Huh, hubby needs to clean his windows. Boo!

IMG 2659
More dirty windows. DOH!

IMG 2664
The clouds were cool this day. But didn’t want themselves captured. And look at that bright spot. Did I inadvertently pick up a UFO?

IMG 2666
You can see it on the far left again. Dirty window? Reflection? UFO?

IMG 2667
I was trying to catch the cloud formation which looked liked migrating birds. Showed where the stronger wind current was pushing them around. Oh well…

Have a wonderful Wednesday!