Electronic device issues have somewhat messed up my schedule. Work (RL) isn’t helping much either! lol.

But this past weekend I took a couple of extra days off and slummed at Octopodicon!
Loads of neat things to see there.

IMG 1320
The Embassy Suites had a lot of cool lamps and some neat architecture. Loved this one as it looked like an upside down sea anemone holding onto its top. 

IMG 1321
Octopodicon trophies for various contests

IMG 1322
Homemade miniature blimp

IMG 1323
More cool hotel lamps

IMG 1324
The Mushroom Peddler had some amazing figurines!

IMG 1325

IMG 1326

IMG 1327
Aren’t they all just adorable?

IMG 1328
Dreamers Leatherwork had amazing stuff done in leather and partially painted. He doesn’t have a website though. 🙁

IMG 1329
Adorable figures for a game still in process of being created. Too cute!

IMG 1330
I believe this gorgeous bracelet was from Steamer Trunk Treasure

IMG 1331
Funky architecture in the hotel’s restaurant

IMG 1332
Rie Sheridan Rose at her reading in the Scriptorium

IMG 1333
Look closely at this hat. It’s an octopus! With Glowing eyes!

IMG 1334
Here was her complete costume

IMG 1335
Cool steampunk goodies

IMG 1336
This hat tried to make me covet. Sadly a little outside my price range.
IMG 1338
Cool statue in the hotel’s fountain in the lounge area

IMG 1340
More cool costumes!

IMG 1341
Liz in her Steampunk outfit. 

IMG 1342
Another of Rie’s

IMG 1343
Loved the triple depth and triple colors of the ceiling

IMG 1344
Isn’t this cute????

IMG 1345
Nice outfit!

IMG 1346
You could pay to have your friends put in jail. Heh heh.
Gotta run!