Picture Kaleidoscope 7/20/11

Time for pics! And this week there’s a ton!

Feathered skies like 70’s hair. 😛 Okay more like light brushstrokes.

It always amazes me – the extremes of sky we get down here. Sheep in grazing in a prairie.

Kids are helping trying to spiffy up the house a little. The trees and birds came out great! Though the kids said the trees were a major pain to put up. Heh heh. (And yeah, those books there? Part of my TBR pile. Heh heh)

Hello sun! Live how gold the sky is in this one.

All these funky skies in a week. Texas skies rock.

Now for other peeps pics to share!

And talking of skies that rock, look at this pick by Trey Ratcliff. OMG! This was for the launch of Atlantis. Is that not just amazing?  Go Trey!

This adorable kitten pic is from Jerry Davis. So cute!!!!

Go take a peek at this super cool photo of a fly’s wing by Chuck Wendig!  Well worth it!

Photo of the Day called Football by Kuntal Blaise D Costa.  Dang! Love that orange color.

Nasa had an awesome image of the shuttle.  The coolest part is the reflection!

MH Bohnam found and shared this beauty – Underwater Suite. Totally real.

Your eyes should be well and fed by now. Enjoy!  Heh

Picture Kaleidoscope 7/13/11

Pics time!

Petapixel shared this article on “Monkey Hijacks Photographer’s Camera and Takes Self Portrait.”  It’s too funy. And they got some decent pics in too. Check them out! Here’s a peek.

Let’s play spot the sun! Hee! Texas skies are always changing. This is puffy sheep Texas sky. 🙂

Tried a new restaurant this weekend called Mojitos. Cuban and Caribbean food. Very similar to Caribbean Cafe.

John had Bistec Encebollado. They call it something else but I grew up with this name and can’t recall theirs. (Doh!) Steak and onions, premixed black beans and rice, tomatoes, and friend plantains.

Forgot to take a picture of mine before I mixed it with white rice. It’s called Picadillo. Sadly the cook forgot to mix in the potatoes. 🙁

Chuck Wendig shared this cute baby picture he took – Happy Baby Is Happy.  Personally? I swear Baby knows something and is giggling as he wallows in the reaction Daddy will have once it’s discovered. Bwahahahahahaha~! (See, he almost has his picky up on his little fist. We’d best keep an eye on this one!) Heh heh

Douglas H Wheelock shared this amazing picture of Atlantis on the Move. You can see the shockwaves. Totally awesome! More info at the site.

Jerry J Davis took this adorable kitty pic entitled Mao?

Steve Wedel shared this link for some amazing photos on the Phoenix dust storm. Some just look bloody scary!

Some really interesting pics out this past week!  Enjoy!

Picture Kaleidoscope 7/6/11

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Now for this week’s pics.

In my never ending attempts to set trends, I present to you my new necklace idea – bandaids! Bwahahaha (Wish the doc had had some cool Hello Kitty or Dragonball ones, that’d have been the bomb!) 😛 This can catch on, right?
(It’s actually the spot where they inserted needles for a Thyroid gland test – but I still think it has great chic potential. 😛 The Saran Wrap Necklace for the prep at the other docs could also catch on. Women have to get these alot for there’s definitely a fashion gap here. Make some $$.  Hee!)

Once hubby was back on his feet after dental surgery we had to go see Transformers 3. (So worth it! See my review here.) Only place showing it in IMAX 3D for like 40 miles was Cinemark. (E tu AMC? Though it did mean we got to see Cars 2 in IMAX 3D there. Oh, yeah, movie review for that one here. Heh heh) Hadn’t been to this theater in years. Had this coolest of ceiling get ups for the IMAX section of the building. Nice!

As is typical, I didn’t think of taking a picture of the funky food we were having till we’re halfway done. The above is Green Tea Cheesecake from Edoko’s. It’s a manly dessert as only the berry topping is actually sweet. It was funky and good!

This is a beautiful fountain hidden in the back of a restaurant culdesac at Legacy and 121. Took this on our way out so didn’t get the fountain when it was shooting way high. 🙁 Really a nice little round road set up. Hoping to try some of the other restaurants in there at some point. Heh heh.
That’s it for this time out. Hope everyone had a great and relaxing holiday!  Till next time!

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/29/11

Let’s see what I can share with you this week. Almost forgot to do the entry! Doh!

Had an unexpected visitor last week. I’d seen him once before but not this close. It’s a hawk or falcon (I don’t know enough to tell the difference). What was amazing was I only noticed him after I was out of the garage in the car and half way into the alley. I stopped, fished for the phone and took the pic. He just kept glancing at me on occassion to make sure I wasn’t going to jump out or something. Was honestly shocked he let me hang around and take the pic. 😛  Now if the phone had done better…
The Astronomy Picture of the Day was quite awesome last week. I don’t even know how to describe the thing. Just go look at it and read the explanation. The light displays are fantastic. Even more so as you read what they are.
Jerry Davis pointed this place out – Dear Photograph. Cool project where people take a picture and place it over the area it was taken in and take a picture of that. Really neat!
A new closeup of Titan’s Largest Moon! From Wired.com
From 19Sixty3 comes this cool, very noir seeming picture called Wandering On The Common. Just something about it calls to me. Like a murder mystery about to unfold!

Fluffy clouds and blue skies are back! Sweet!

Picture Kaleidoscope 6/22/11

Picture Kaleidoscope is back to its regularly scheduled format. Until the next convention that is. 😛

Happened to see this funky race car on the way to a doctor’s appointment last week. Looks pretty spiffy!

Chuck Wendig found a super huge spider. Do NOT click this link if you don’t like spiders, because this sucker is Super Creepy!
Love the interplay between the sun, the clouds, the shadows, and the blue sky.

Loved the golden glow!
Chuck Wendig’s new son eats and invisible sandwich. 🙂
Anyone who’s acquainted with anime also knows about Pocky. You know something is definitely part of US culture when you can find it at Walmart. And at a decent price too! If you’ve never had Pocky, I very much encourage you to try it out! Yum!
Rain threatens off in the distance.
19Sixty3 did some cool color manipulation on The Power Station.
Tuesday morning post storms. I don’t think Mother Nature is quite done yet. 🙂
Pixmarket shared this great pick from Earthshots.org – Marching Little Owl. Too cute!!!

That’s it for this week. Enjoy!