Virtual Tourist – FF XIV 4/3/16


Final Fantasy XIV
Eastern Thanalan
Camp Drybone Area

That death smile is rather eerie. The protector now grows some very rare plants on himself.

A lovely little pond in the arid area around Camp Drybone

Ruins close to Camp Drybone

Canyons with a sunrise and a city far off in the distance. 🙂

Canyon looks rough! Look at all that fog.

Lovely store interior. Look at the lovely carpet! And they have more in the back. 😛

Crystal formations around the Camp Drybone area. They glow at night!

An Amal’jaa Warrior – looks tough!

Inside Camp Drybone – the place was built in a depression. Handy to safeguard everyone from any harsh storms.

Upper area of Camp Drybone

Western Thanalan
Vesper Bay

A friendly face?

View from the side of the central square area.

What a lovely sunset!

Have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy 3/20/16

Morning! Running late! Rush rush rush!

Final Fantasy XIV

Chocobo Farm outside of New Gridania. Lovely building!

Love how they built the fortified gates into the side of the stone mountain/cliff.

Such lovely architecture! So many lovely little touches. Swoon!

Inside the same building. Really lovely. All the stone carvings and metal brackets. Squee!

Are these not the cutest things EVER?! 🙂

Virtual Tourist – TERA 03/13/16

Haven’t had a chance to play more Grim Fandango and wanted to give you a break from FF XIV, so here’s pics I still hadn’t shared from the TERA MMO. 🙂

Southerns Arun

Not a happy looking place, is it? 😛

Neat bridge! Our white tiger mounts, Love them fuzzy wuzzies!

Crystal flowers!

That’s one scary looking rock formation!

This NPC has class! Love her outfit!

Let the lava flow!

So many mouths! So many teeth!

She looks nasty too!

Closeup on the lava.

Not a friendly looking place.

Bad things have happened here. Doh!


Some nice looking player clothing and armor. 🙂

Have a great day!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 2/21/16


Final Fantasy XIV

Ul’dah – Main Storyline

All is not well in the city of Ul’dah. They have a lot of refugees from the cataclysm and other issues. This merchant has decided bullying the poor refugees is great sport. Boo!

Part of the refugee camps set up outside the city walls.

A concerned citizen. Love his turban!

Latest set of armor (back when this was taken anyway 🙂 ). Very Japanese like, no?


New Gridania Area

Halloween event

Isn’t that the cutest cottage and waterwheel ever? 😛

Lying in wait to get a look at the Halloween pranksters.

Aha! One of the culprits? No! She’s one of the good guys!

This one is an illusionist and one of the culprits!

The illusionist and one of her evil helpers.

Hubby and I in our Witch disguises. At the end of this quest you get a flying broom! (We were not yet high enough level to ride it though. Boo!)

One of the kids who’d been turned into a monster. The change (unbeknownst to them) was to be permanent!

Another victim. She’d been turned into an imp. 😛

Have a great Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 2/14/16

Morning! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


Grim Fandango

Side view of Manny’s building. Open window he’s standing in front of is Don’s office. You can see one of the skeletal pigeons on the ledge. 🙂

Back in the Secret Base! I finally figured out (cheated) how to make a copy of my teeth.


Secret tunnel out of the city!


Exit of the secret tunnel. The city is in the background. Nice mood shot! 🙂


My buddy’s elemental heart. Which he ripped out himself. Have to say that was one weird sequence. lol.


Some of the denizens of the forest. Creepy little buggers!


Where the heart ended up after my buddy’s impassioned soliloquy.  He’s so crazy. lol.


Don and in the shadows – the true power behind what set all of this in motion. He is not pleased by current events.

A tree marrow sucking plant. Took me a bit to get a clue about what to do here. (More cheating!)

My buddy is going for an unexpected ride. Heh heh heh.


From plain 40’s black car to super souped up ride! Sweet!

Demon Fire Beavers! And they eat bones. Eek!


Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 1/31/16


I went ahead and changed the photo watermark. The first one seemed a little too intrusive? Love how you can just change it and it affects all photos! Sweet!

Grim Fandango

The secret lift to the Rebel’s HQ! Bwahahaha!

The Secret Rebel Base! And yes, the lady at the table should look somewhat familiar. lol.

Inside front of Don’s office without Don. Heh. Love the glass door!

Day of the Dead Festival. So close and yet so far.

This is as close as you can get to the festival. And the sad gentleman in the tent to the right? One of the most important people you will meet. His balloon animals and empty balloons are integral to the game play! Bwahahahahaha!

Front facade for the building Manny works at. So 40’s!

Have a wonderful restful Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 1/10/15

New game this week!

Introducing Grim Fandango – this is an old game that’s been remastered with textures and a new sound track. I ran across it in Steam.

Premise: You are Manny Calavera. You’re serving time collecting the dead from the land of the living as they pass and then selling them a travel package to the afterlife. The more high end packages he sells, the sooner he gets to go on the trip himself. (He’s basically in the land of the dead paying his dues before he can move on.) Unfortunately, only good people can qualify for the high end packages, and Manny has been getting stuck with lemons for a while. He’s got to find a way to get better assignments before he gets fired and then has no way to pay off his dues.

Think 1940’s architecture and the old black and white private detective films for the flavor. 🙂

Of course I was so caught up in everything I didn’t think to take pics for a while. DOH!

Long view of Manny’s rival’s office. Manny is the one in the blue suit. Don is the one having fun with the punching bag. 😛

View from the other side of Don’s office. Notice all that awesome 1940’s classic artstyle and architecture.

Manny Calavera. His office is behind him. The yellow icon at the bottom right is the inventory button. The big arrow is one of the directions you can choose to go.

Manny’s computer terminal. Mix of 40’s and 80’s. 😛

Inside Manny’s inventory. This particular item is his scythe.

Garage in Manny’s building. That’s the portal to the living world.

Having fun with the game so far. 🙂

Back muscle is freaking out this weekend (AGAIN! WHY????) so won’t get to play anymore or probably do anything for the rest of the weekend. Also means no more post prep, so the blog may be a little empty this week. (Out of meds – this is going to make the day job so much fun this week. *cry*)